Wedding photographer Takis Papadopoulos

φωτογράφος γάμου παπαδόπουλος

The passion for photography is what characterizes my work.

Capturing the moment with a click, for a photographer it is a matter of experience, after all life is moments of happiness. The search and update on new issues around the technique of wedding photography is my hobby daily. I am passionate about the moments that make my photos stand out. It's an obsession for me, looking for images and photo frames in non-existent spots and is the game I play every day, sometimes holding my camera and sometimes not. The continuous search for good photography gives me zest and keeps me full of vitality and passion.

As a man I feel very lucky. I have a wonderful family with my wife who supports me in many crazy steps I take, just like my kids, with whom I enjoy sharing moments of relaxation and fun. And as a professional I also feel very lucky because I have a job that I like and I can't get enough of doing it because I capture with my camera the happiness of people in important phases of their lives.

For me marriage is the happiest moment of a couple.

Photographing the groom and the bride (like models) move within this joy and excitement and thus I capture the best moments in the new beginning of their lives...

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