Wedding Photography

wedding photographerWedding Photography and baptism photography with the look and experience of Takis Papadopoulos. The wedding photographer Takis Papadopoulos was born in Athens in 1964. Inclined in fine arts from an early age at first worked on painting, music and theater. But the search for the photo frame was equally evident at an early phase through any kind of analog camera that was in the house itself. So the coverage of family moments, surrounding persons, excursions and any other image type that raise interest, became inner need which then led him to the Athens School of Photography.

During his studies and later, Takis Papadopoulos was working as a wedding photographer's assistant to cover the mysteries and events. After finishing his studies he worked in companies as a freelance photographer. He also participated in exhibitions and worked on landscape photography and Reportage.

Baptism Photography

When the dream becomes reality, we keep it alive with aesthetics, art and our passion. The greatest moment of your life, we will be there, with consistency, quality and smile. You can go through our site, or contact by phone to give you more information.

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